fnbr.co api

We offer a developer api, if you wish to request access please contact us on Discord.

If you have been given access, you can login here.

Image Retrieval

You can request the images for a specific cosmetic or search up to 15 with the same name.

If you wanted to find the images for 'Backup Plan' you would get a response like this:

    "status": 200,
    "data": [
            "id": "5ab155cbe9847b3170da0320",
            "name": "Backup Plan",
            "price": "Twitch Prime",
            "priceIcon": "vip",
            "priceIconLink": "https://image.fnbr.co/price/icon_vip.png",
            "images": {
                "icon": "https://image.fnbr.co/backpack/5ab155cbe9847b3170da0320/icon.png",
                "png": false,
                "gallery": false,
                "featured": false
            "rarity": "legendary",
            "type": "backpack",
            "readableType": "Back Bling",
            "description" : "Leave a wake of destruction."
    "query": {
        "search": "Backup Plan",
        "limit": 1

Within this response is an array with the cosmetics matching your query and further in is an object with the images for icon, png and gallery respectively.

You will also find these price icons too:

vbucks: https://image.fnbr.co/price/icon_vbucks.png

vbook: https://image.fnbr.co/price/icon_vbook.png

vip: https://image.fnbr.co/price/icon_vip.png

fip: https://image.fnbr.co/price/icon_fip.png

For a smaller 50x50px sized image (useful for mobile use) append _50x to the url:

vbucks 50x50: https://image.fnbr.co/price/icon_vbucks_50x.png


You can retrieve the current shop rotation with a response similar to the above for each cosmetic that is featured and daily.


You can retrieve an object with a breakdown of how many of each type of cosmetic there are for each rarity.


You can retrieve a list of all cosmetics that are yet to be released.

Discord Bot

We also have a discord bot which you can invite to your server or find out more about here.