We're now doing daily giveaways! Each day, we're giving away a Fortnite skin to one winner who can pick from what's available in the Item Shop at that time.

Once the timer expires at 11:55am UTC, a winner is chosen randomly from all entries and will be contacted from 'fnbrdotco' on Fortnite to sort out their prize.

Please read our Giveaway Terms & Conditions for more information and to ensure eligibility to enter. Good luck!

Current Giveaway

You can enter for free once per hour — the more entries you have, the higher chances of winning!

Our giveaway is suspended and will resume in mid-August, current winners will still receive their prizes.

Past Winners

If you see yourself make sure you allow friend requests so we can contact you from 'fnbrdotco'. If there is no response within 7 days another winner will be chosen!

Jul 4th — icebreaker1535
Prize pending…
Jul 3rd — AidanTG11
Prize pending…
Jul 2nd — Shizuerbuh
Jul 1st — Wraithsh0t
Jun 30th — Its__Marvin2
Jun 29th — JanPro666000
Jun 28th — Pupplet
Jun 27th — hunter at night
Prize pending…
Jun 26th — chargers140
Prize pending…
Jun 25th — NPatrick44
Prize pending…
Jun 24th — Yosh Tdm
Prize pending…
Jun 23rd — A-Bakoura
Jun 22nd — ReigningCatalyst
Jun 21st — TacShoty479
Jun 20th — denzel_rosa
Prize pending…
Jun 19th — Tympie15973
Jun 18th — Ducky2Ducky
Jun 17th — MrFlamingo35
Jun 16th — MF DOOMS
Jun 15th — Aglowpanda95637
Jun 14th — FaTeStickZ
Jun 13th — Beth2Percent
Prize pending…
Jun 12th — I_love_vandana
Jun 11th — MR.DaddyPigy
Jun 10th — NTKQ_2403
Prize pending…
Jun 8th — J_chucky1977
Jun 7th — chainedcoffins
Jun 6th — KKhacker15
Jun 5th — Aimz2survive