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The current in-game news feed for Fortnite: Battle Royale from Epic Games.

Paradise Battle Pass

There’s nothing monochromatic about this lineup! Stick the landing with Spider-Gwen, stay sharp with Paradigm (Reality-659), and live on the edge with Twyn.

Play, Reboot, Reward

Reboot Rally has been extended! Grab your friends who are new or haven’t played in the past 30 days and complete Reboot Rally Quests to earn rewards until October 17.

Checkered Past Pack

Blunt and to the point. Shakedown the competition with the Checkered Past Pack!

Aya Nakamura

The next installment of the Soundwave Series kicks off on October 6 at 12 PM ET featuring the French-Malian artist, Aya Nakamura!